A Root Canal Can Save Your Tooth

Root canal therapy, also called a pulpectomy, can be crucial for treating an infected tooth. If a tooth becomes irritated or infected from decay or trauma, a root canal can prevent the need for extraction or removal.

When left unchecked, dental infection can spread through your bloodstream and endanger your health. However, a root canal can remove the infection and allow you to keep your teeth. During a root canal, Dr. Habeeb removes the decay, accesses the tooth nerve, and cleans the diseased nerve from the nerve chamber and root canals. He then seals the tooth and typically adds a crown or other restoration to provide protection, functionality, and an attractive appearance.

Root canal treatment can stop the pain of dental infection, preserve your tooth, and safeguard your health. Our Leander dental team makes sure you are comfortable at all times, and we’ll provide you with complete aftercare instructions.

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