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Partial and complete dentures

Full Dentures and Partials in Leander

Partial and complete dentures

Dentures are essential to be able to live your life as you want. While dentures are necessary to eat and speak, they are also vital to your appearance. Dentures provide you with an attractive smile when you’ve lost your natural teeth, and they help fill out your face.

Furthermore, dentures help to prevent a prematurely aged facial appearance. Without dentures, the bone beneath your gums will eventually lose integrity and begin to collapse.

However, denture wearers can encounter several issues. Many patients become frustrated with an uncomfortable fit or repeated slippage. At Radix Dentistry, we provide quality dentures with an exact fit so that you can live your life without frustration.

Our Dentist in Leander offers both full and partial dentures to meet your unique needs. Dr. Habeeb takes the time to ensure your dentures fit your mouth accurately and are entirely comfortable. You won’t need to worry about the embarrassment of your dentures slipping or shifting out of place.

For dentures services with care and professionalism, please contact us at (512) 883-2363 .

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