Orthodontic Correction Without the Hassle of Braces

Almost no one has a natural, completely straight smile. So, most everyone can benefit from orthodontic correction. However, braces can be pretty uncomfortable. Also, many patients dislike the conspicuous appearance of braces.

We have another option at Radix Dentistry. Our clear orthodontic aligners have no metal, brackets, or wires. They are comfortable and removable. You can easily take the aligner out for meals, snacks, and oral care. Best of all, these transparent aligners are barely noticeable.

Convenient orthodontic correction is within your reach. Clear aligners can give you straighter teeth and even correct many types of bite issues, all without the frustrations that come with braces.

Please contact us at (512) 337-3066 , and we’ll be happy to discuss your orthodontic options.