Preventative Dental Care in Leander

Preventive care is vital to healthy teeth and a healthy mouth. After all, it is much easier and less costly to prevent problems than deal with them once they manifest. Your Leander dentist will help you achieve excellent dental health at Radix Dentistry with examinations and cleanings.

Most patients need a cleaning and exam every six months. Our Leander dental team makes sure every part of your mouth is thoroughly cleaned, including those nooks and crannies you simply cannot reach with brushing and flossing.

Dr. Habeeb then thoroughly checks your entire mouth, searching for issues and potential trouble. We use dental imaging as necessary to ensure your teeth are free from decay and your mouth is healthy.

Help us to help you keep your smile looking great. Call Radix Dentistry at (512) 337-3066 to schedule your professional cleaning and exam.